Bluetooth Speaker

What is a Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speaker is a type of wireless speaker that connects with the phone, laptop, and with other devices that supports Bluetooth and when you play an audio or video it can provide you with the sound. For the traveling purpose, a portable Bluetooth speaker is so important to recover your boringness. You can also use it at home and at the party.

How to choose a perfect Bluetooth speaker?

There are so many wireless speakers are in the market but Bluetooth once is more budget-friendly needs to choose the perfect one for you within your budget, so you just need to remind the following criteria.


    The size of a Bluetooth speaker matters a lot for traveling purposes. If the speaker’s size is too big that it can’t be fit on the luggage and you can face the problem. So you can choose the rounded shape or smaller rectangular shape so you can easily carry it everywhere and enjoy the music.


   Weight is also another part which means a lot for carrying if the Bluetooth speaker is too weighty then you can’t easily carry it with your baggage because as the baggage is also too heavy, so choose the lightweight Bluetooth speaker that can easily carry everywhere.

3.Battery Life:

    More battery life means more you can enjoy the music so before buying a any kind of Wireless Speakers always check the battery power(Mhz), backup time, charging time that you can enjoy a full interruption-free music journey.

4.Sound and Volume:

   Sound is the best way to test the performance of the device. If the sound is not faded up or noisy in the high volume then it is the good one. And the bass quality also does matter that DJ music can perform better. So if the sound and bass combination is 15 to 20 watt and the impedance is lower with frequency then it is good enough.

Bluetooth speaker

              The volume control option also varies a lot that if you listening to a song in traveling then you need quiet music and if you doing a party then you need loud music, so, if the volume control is not so good with the adjustment then it is just waste, so properly check the volume control option.

5.Voice Control:

    Some have a voice control option. So that it can give you the full functionality to control the speaker with the voice. So you can use it easily with voice without touching it.

6.Dust and waterproof:

    Dust is the biggest problem for any electronic device so before you buy any Bluetooth speaker make sure it is dustproof that means it is fully sealed that dust can’t enter through some dust will affect outside, so regularly clean it.

The water-resistant issue is the biggest issue if you are camping or traveling throughout the jungle or a riverside, so choose a perfect Bluetooth speaker that is waterproof so if it dropped into water mistakenly it is not facing any problem from the water.

7.External Connection:

    Many of the Bluetooth has external connection also that means you can use it as Bluetooth s[eaker as well as with cable also, and there is also an external slot for SD Card, so all the external features are good when you are not using your phone or laptop.

Best Bluetooth Speakers

So many companies made Bluetooth speakers with the best quality product and within budget so that everyone can buy and use it. Here are some best one you can buy.

  1. JBL Wireless Speakers

    JBL is one of the best company ever for speakers. They also made good quality Bluetooth speakers with good quality material and waterproof. Sound quality is also too good without noisiness that provides you a good quality sound with also good quality bass. Some best Bluetooth speakers of JBL is-JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Portable Stereo Speaker, JBL Link20, JBL Clip2, and so on.

bluetooth speaker
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2. BOSE SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speakers

    BOSE is another best company for the best quality portable Bluetooth speaker where you can get fully high-quality sound with base. They also made a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that you can use it anywhere. Some best BOSE speakers is-BOSE Soundlink Mini II, BOSE Soundlink Micro, BOSE Home speakers, and so on.

Bluetooth Speaker
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3. BOAT Stone 650 Wireless Speakers

    BOAT has also many Bluetooth speakers which they made for portable use everywhere with waterproof and best quality sound function. Some best BOAT Bluetooth speaker is- BOAT stone sphinx 2.0, BOAT Stone Grenade, BOAT Stone 650, BOAT Stone 1000, and so on.

Bluetooth Speaker
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4. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Portable Wireless Speaker

    This is another best company for Bluetooth speakers with great quality of sound and bass effects. They made so high-quality wireless Speakers within the range that everyone can afford it. It has also a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker that you can easily carry it everywhere. Some best UE Wireless speaker is- UE Megaboom, UE Hyperboom, UE Wonderboom, and so on.

Bluetooth Speaker
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   There are so many other companies, like-LG, SONOS, V-Modaaa, Anker, Tribit, and so on make wireless speakers with a great quality product, but the above are the most user friendly and mostly used, but you can check all this also.

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Lastly, I can just say that if you are fond of traveling then you should buy one Bluetooth Speaker that will help you to recover your boringness at the traveling time. You can buy any of the above companies’ products within your range. So just feel free to buy and enjoy the great musical journey with the best Speakers.


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