Fitness is so important for everyone. A smart band for fitness tracking helps you to measure your steps, running, body-temperature, monitor your heartbeat. There is so many best fitness band for men like-Mi, Samsung, Honor, Oppo and so on.

MI Band 4 is too good in your budget.

MI Band 4:  Mi Band 4 helps you to improve your daily workout like- walking, running, swimming, cycling, treadmill, and so on to make you fit for everyday work in the office and home.

Mi Band 4 Specification:

1)      Display: Fully touched, color with AMOLED Display gives a clear vision to read.

2)      Battery: Good battery life up to 20days battery backup by one time full charged. That makes you fully relaxed and no thinking about charging.

3)      Band Quality: Non-irritable band quality with adjustable length for any kind of wrist.

4)      Fully water-resistant.

5)      Compact with sensors that monitor 24/7 heartbeat, walking steps, cycling, the sleeping quality that helps you to maintain your fitness properly.

6)      Unlimited watch face to remove boringness on the same display.

For watch face, you can use this app-

7)      Tracking daily activity as per your goal and you can easily monitor your goal using the MI-FIT android app on your smartphone.

8)      MI-FIT  android app- Click Here

Working Features:

1)      By connecting your phone with the band using Bluetooth you can easily view any message and phone call notification on your band display without touching your phone.

2)      Easily call rejection.

3)      Find the device that helps you to find your phone with a vibrating alarm.

4)      Smart Volume and music controller helps to change the music and control volume at the working time.

5)      Shows app notification from Facebook, WhatsApp, and so on apps helps to connect social media easily.

6)      An event reminder helps to manage any meeting or date.

7)      Heart rate monitor helps to monitor your heartbeat that helps to stay fit.

8)      Sleep monitor helps to maintain your good health.

9)      Other activity trackers like- cycling, walking, running, treadmill helps to stay fit anywhere every day.

10)   And there are so many functions to use as per your activity.

My Opinion About MI 4 Fitness Band

    As I am using this mi band 4 for the last 1 year, I am getting a good performance by this band. It is very flexible and lightweight that feel no irritation on the wrist.

As it is water resistance you can easily use it in the rain and any weather. It helps me to improve my daily fitness routine also and I am getting good health. So in this budget, I always recommend this Mi Band 4 for everyone.

MI BAND 5 ALSO LAUNCHING  SOON, HOPE THAT WILL ALSO BE A GOOD QUALITY LIKE MI BAND 4. I recommend you use this Fitness Band for one time. I will post another article about this fitness band I personally use it.

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