Why Inverter For Home is So important nowadays well here some points. Power failure and load shedding is a common matter nowadays, for the big cities it is not so affected but in the villages and small cities, it affected too much.

Sometimes it long lasts for hours also. And if there is any natural disaster comes then power failure is normal and it can be affected for somedays also. So at that time power backup is most important for those areas. For this reason, we must need an inverter that can give power backup.

How does an inverter work for power backup?

An inverter connects with the battery(you need to choose the battery as per your requirement)and then you need to connect it with the electric power supply. When you switch on the plug then the battery started to charge through the inverter and when the power cut then it started giving backup from the battery and thus it works as a power backup.

How to choose the best inverter?

 If you are confusing about the choosing of the best inverter don’t worry about it. There are so many good inverters available in the market but first, you need to know your purpose that means if you want more days backup and more device to run then you need a high power inverter,

it might be so pricey but if you just need some times power backup then you can choose a low budget and low voltage inverter that also save your money. So before choosing one just remind your purpose and how much power you need to be used as per you can purchase a good quality inverter.

Some Best Inverters:

There are so many good quality inverters available in the market, some of these are

Top 5 Inverter For Home

1.Luminus Zelio 1100

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    Luminus is an idol company for choosing an inverter. They make good quality inverter with a long-lasting warranty, Luminus 1100 is one of them. It has a 32bit processor based operating system which can control the full power supply system. It has a sine wave up to 900VA, up to 12V battery can be used here. It can power three tube lights, 1 LED TV,  Three ceiling fans at a time.

The maximum power of the tube lights up to 680 watts otherwise it can be cut off. It has an led display that can help you to check the power consumption, battery water level, charging times, backup left, and so on. It gives an audio warning when the battery level goes down. It has a UPS type system that helps to maintain the power backup system, At all, it is a good one for home.

2.Luminus Zelio 1100 Plus

inverter for Home
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    It is another good product by Luminus with all types of battery support. You can bypass the switch mode of this inverter. It is also a sine wave of 900VA capacity and the battery needs up to 12V. It has an inbuilt MCB system that can cut the power supply if any shortcircuit happens.

This inverter works on the ECO and UPS mode both system that helps the user to maintain the power consumption, it gives power back up within 160V-260V. LCD panel helps the user to check the backup time, battery voltage, and other things for maintaining. It comes with a trolly that can help you to make protection for it.

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3. Microtek Sebz 1100

Inverter for Home
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   Microtek is another good company that makes home inverter. This is a good quality full sine wave of 1100VA inverter for home use. It also runs with 12V of battery. IT has also extra water protection that helps to stay safe from the water. It supplies the power between 100V-300V. This has a LED panel to support the user but it is not so good in quality. All above this it is a good one for home purposes.

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4. Microtek UPS 24A-7 Hb

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It is another good quality inverter with a good and fast charging capability. It has also a sine wave of 900VA and it supplies power between 100V-300V. It also runs with a 12V battery. The battery power consumption is too low and the fast charging capability makes it a popular one. It has a plug connection with it so you can easily use it for any other purpose also, but don’t connect anything when you using the plug point. It can easily give power back up up to 650 watts. You can run tube light, Ceiling fan, and TV also.

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5. Luminous Hkva 2 KVA

Inverter For home
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    It is another good one for the home user. It also runs with all kinds of battery and gives power backup up to 1600Watts that makes it a powerhouse. It has a sine wave of 900VA and it has MCB connection inbuilt. That helps to manage the power flow,

It has also extra features to maintain the battery charging and discharging process when it is overcharging or the battery going down. For its high capability it can run AC, and other high voltage devices also. But must remember that not to overload the power otherwise it can be a short circuit and cause danger. With a huge amount of power backup, it is a good one for home and even also for commercial use.

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 There so many other good quality inverters available in the market with good quality service from Luminus and Microtek and also other companies that you can buy from online and offline as per your requirement. You can choose more high power and high battery backup and which can run more devices but all this we discussed here are the most useful and good quality among them for any purpose. So choose the best one as per your budget and requirement.

How to choose the proper battery for the inverter?

Choosing the battery is the main thing for good power backup. Always remind that the battery must be of 12V and above is best. Battery Vah value starts from 100,200,250,300 and so on so choose t5he right for your inverter as per the inverter capability. If you need up to 4 hours of backup then you need a 1600 Vah battery. So choose the proper battery for the perfect inverter as per the guideline.


For using Inverter you need to follow some precautions-

·      Keep distance from the fire and the flammable things that can cause a fire on your inverter.

·      Always check the battery water level.

·      Do not clean with water or any liquid things.

·      Do not cover it with any cloth that can catch fire or water or humidity of the air.

·      Keep away from the children.

·      When cleaning always off the power.



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As you can see the power failure can happen at any time and it could stay for someday also so you must need an inverter for home. So there is some good quality inverter we discussed and also the proper battery choosing option and precautions also. So you can easily buy one for your home and use it without any power failure and you can be full of light every day. So within your budget get a better one for you that can help to make power backup with good quality service for your home.

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