What is a Motherboard?

The motherboard(also called mainboard) is the main component of the Personal Computer(PC). As the mother takes care of our family this also takes care of all parts of the Personal Computer(PC). All the major components like-CPU, RAM, HDD of the PC connected with the Motherboard and maintain the Computer’s function properly. It also connects the expandable device.

Working process of the Motherboard

The motherboard or mainboard is the main Printed Circuit Board(PCB) of the PC where all the circuit layout is printed to connect all the components of the PC. The motherboard takes power from the SMPS(Switch Mode Power Supply) within ±5 to ±12 volt to run all the circuits.

The motherboard also connects the CPU( Central Processing Unit) to process the data given by the user of the PC. It also connects RAM(Random Access Memory) to give the display after processing the data and it also connects HDD (Hard Disk Drive) to store the data. That maintains the full functionality of the PC. And the motherboard also connects the external devices to transfer data flow from outside. The overall functional setup of the Computer is the motherboards.

Image Of RAM Slots

Best Companies

There are so many best companies that manufacture Motherboards for the Personal Computer (PC). Those companies are- Gigabyte, ASUS, Zebronics, Frontech, MSI, AsRock, Intel, Eyot, Biostar ad so many others. These companies’ motherboard is affordable within range and supported for any kind of processor and connects with all the cabinet.

Best CPU based Motherboard

Basically, we used two types of CPU for the Personal Computer(PC)- Intel CPU and AMD CPU. For these two types of CPU, we need different types of Motherboard based on the CPU core, generation, and GHz.

  • Best Intel Processor(CPU)-based motherboard:

Intel processor is the most used processor by the user, thus we need lots of motherboards that support the intel processor. The support of the processor is based on the MB socket ad slot, where the processor sets. Through the generation and core change motherboards supporting capability also changed, every type of processor can not be set in every MB. Intel Dual-Core, Core-2-Duo, i3, i5, i7 are some most popular processors for those  945, G31, G41, H61, H81, H110, H310 are those some series where intel processor from generation to generation can be set. You can choose any company among the above list.

  • Best AMD Processor(CPU)-based motherboard:

AMD processor is not so commonly used by the user in the old days but nowadays for the GUI(Graphical User Interface)is much better of the AMD processor than the Intel processor thus its usage also increased day by day. The Ryzen series of the AMD processor is the most high-quality graphics. And the AMD processor is commonly used by the graphic designer, VFX artist, video editor, gamer, and so on.

 AMD processors supporting capability also changed day by day thus we need different kinds of motherboards for the different kinds of AMD processors. AMD Athlon, Celeron, A3, A5, A6, Ryzen3, Ryzen5, Ryzen9 are some most popular AMD processors for those N68, G31M, G41M, H81M, H110M, A320M, H270M are those some series where AMD processor from generation to generation can be set. You can choose any company among the above list.

How to choose the best One for your PC

As I am working as a Hardware Administrator I can say that choosing the motherboard is not so difficult. At first, you should focus o your working purpose, that means which kind of work you want to do on your PC. If you only need the PC for your official working purpose only then you should need a normal MB, If you are a graphic designer or video editor, or a gamer then you should need a high-quality GUI based Motherboard.

 So choose your PC motherboard according to your job that it can save money for you and also more helpful for you. Because choosing the MB is more important for the other components of your PC need, And lastly, as I am working as Hardware Administrator I can suggest you go best within your budget with more warranty time.

Here We Give Some Review

1. Gigabyte B450 AORUS ELITE

Image Source from Amazon.in

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This Gigabytes B450 comes with AM4 Socket that supports 1st, 2nd Gen Ryzen Processors, and Vega Graphics as well. For Display, it uses HDMI, DVI D Ports. It also has 4 slots for DD4 memory channel support up to 64GB and 3600Mhz Memory Clock speed. For Graphics Card it has 1 PCI-E slot and for connectivity, it has Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi Interface.

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2. Gigabyte B365M DS3H

Image Source From Amazon.in

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Gigabytes B365M DS3H It has an LGA1151 socket that supports 8th and 9th Gen Intel Processors. For Memory, Its have DDR4 Channel. Its Gives You 4 RAM slots that support up to 64GB RAM with 2666Mhz Memory Clock Speed
For Graphics it has a PCI-E slot. For Display, it has an HDMI port and for wireless Connectivity it uses Bluetooth.

3. ASUS Prime H310M-E LGA1151

Image Source From Amazon.in

ASUS Prime H310M-E LGA1151 would be the best budget option for you. ASUS Prime H310 M is a log 1151 motherboard. You can put any Intel 7th generation processor in it. It has built-in WiFi and all 3.1 ports. For memory, it has a DDR4 Channel and for display, it uses HDMI Port.

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