As it is last name Bank that means it stores, what?- The Power, that’s why it is called Power Bank.

Powerbank is a portable charger for smartphones or any other phones. It stores power on itself and supplies the power to the phone when the phone’s battery gets down. Powerbank is easily carriable to anywhere and it is so lightweight that you can carry it with your bag pack.

In this time of smartphones, battery charging is a big problem when we traveling or in a meeting or office or anywhere else, where charging is not easy there we can get help from the Powerbank.

How does Power Bank work?

 As we say before Powerbank stores the power for emergency purposes of charging to smartphones or any other phones.  But before we are getting the charge from it, it also needs to charge, which means first we need to charge the Powerbank fully so that it can store the power on itself and give back up when we need it.

To charge the Powerbank you can simply use your phone’s charger with the cable(cable type based on your Powerbank charging port type).

After fully charged, the Powerbank stores the power on itself and when you need to charge your phone then just put your charger cable’s(you can also use the cable which provided with the Powerbank) USB head to the output USB port of the Powerbank and connect the other head with your phone and your phone started to charge.

Power Bank

How many time Power Bank gives backup charging?

Backup of charging depends on various matters like –   your phone’s battery Mhz, your Powerbank’s battery Mhz. That men’s if your Powerbank is 10000 Mhz and your phone’s battery is 3000 Mhz then Powerbank gives three times full charge backup and a short more, if your Powerbank is 20000 Mhz and your battery is 3000 Mhz then Powerbank gives six times full charge backup and a short more also. So overall charging backup depends on the phone’s battery and Powerbank’s battery Mhz. It also depends on Powerbanks’ charge, if you not fully charged your Powerbank and you are getting back up then Powerbank cannot give you full backup. So the first Charge your Powerbank fully then take backup charging from it.

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Best Companies for Power Bank:

There are so many best companies with good quality Powerbank, like- Mi, Ambrane, iBall, Syska, and so on.

You can buy any one of the above companies 10000Mhz or 20000Mhz  Powerbank. With the Type-C port also available and with good battery backup and highspeed charging capability all the Powerbank is good for every type of phone’s emergency charging.

My Experience:

As I am using Ambrane’s 10000Mhz Powerbank, it is so helpful for me when I am going for a tour or anywhere charging the phone is not so easy in that situation it is so helpful for me. In the situation of load-shedding or power failure situations for any kind of natural disaster, I get so much help with the Powerbank. For the last two years, I am using Power Bank and there is no problem yet and it is running smoothly and I am getting good charging backup from my Powerbank. So I hope you also buy one, I assure you that Powerbank will help you in many emergencies.

Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank

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This MI PowerBank Comes with 10000Mah Li-polymer Battery
its Capable of Fast Charging. It’s Available In three colors Black, Blue, Red.
It Has Dual USB Port its can charge two devices at once.

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