The worst thing about Building a PC is bad Cable Management.

Managing cables is very important when building a PC and it can be effortless to do if you have the right things. Good cable management will reduce your workload and save time and also make your PC look better.

Cable Management
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You can Cleary See in this Picture Why Cable management Is So important.

cable Management
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Cable Management equally Important for High-end Pc and Low-end PC As well. Good Cable Management Can Increase Your pc Life Span.

Here Review of my favourite cable managing Products

Gizga Essentials Reusable Cable Ties Strap

cable management
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There are 4 types of cable strips available: 10cm, 15cm, 600cm, 1000cm. You can take as much as you want as you need. This cable is a double seeded hook system so you can easily use it as per your need and cut the rest of it and use it later. These strips have a very strong and durable grip and their Build quality Is Really good.

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