It’s a buying guide for Best Smart Speakers in India 2021. The demand for smart speakers is increasing day by day. Because smart speakers can make your life a lot easier. With smart Speakers, you can Control music, Play Videos, Control Smart Device Like Smart Bulb, Smart Switch, Fans. It Can Also Order Something Online, Play Movies, And Many More through your voice.

There are many variants of smart speaker available in the market so I sort out by average user review and under a budget price.

5 Best Smart Speakers In India

4. Google Home Mini with Google Assistant Smart Speaker

Best Smart Speakers In India
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Google home mini is the cheapest Smart Speaker On this list well if your is really tight then you can go with this Smart Speaker. This Smart Speaker capable of play music from streaming services like youtube, prime music, Jio Savan, etc. You can also control smart devices in your home with your voice. You can ask questions and set reminders or get Updates. This Device can connect up to 6 users at a time.

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3. Google Home with Google Assistant Smart Speaker

Best Speakers In India 2021
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Google Home is different from Google Home Mini. Google home Sound much better than Mini also Google home microphone sensitivity better than Mini. Also, you can control volume and playback with your touch. It is much expensive than google home Mini. If you did not want only a smart speaker but you want a smart speaker with premium sound quality with Bass then google home is for you.

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2. Echo Dot (4th Gen) with clock

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It’s a lot like the previous one. This 4th Gen smart Speaker comes with an LED display that shows time and it can adjust brightness help of light sensors. other all features are the same as the last one I include this because of its looks much better than Echo Dot 3rd gen.

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1. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa 

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Amazon echo dot is the most used smart speaker. Amazon echo dot comes with Alexa like google home comes with Google assistant. Amazon Echo dot is a 3rd Gen smart speaker. You can connect Echo dot with your phone and use as a Bluetooth speaker or you can also connect other speaker and headphone via 3.5mm jack.

Like other smart speakers, you play songs from famous steaming services like prime music, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Alexa also answers questions and give you news updates, score, weather report also. Alexa can speak in English and Hindi. Well if you try to find a google home Mini alternative then this one can be your option it’s a budget smart speaker. One of the Best Smart Speakers In India

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