As technology is upgrading day by day the things also getting smarter, so the home appliances are also getting smart with the technology. Today in this article we are going to discuss the best fully automatic smart washing machine for the home.

Before the concept of smart devices, people only use the normal traditional washing machines to wash their clothes, it is too good also but it is manually operated and it has not many features. But in the smart washing machine, there are a lot of features with Wi-Fi and internet connectivity that helps to control it smartly.

So today you get here the best smart washing machines review with their great feature review that you can easily buy a smart washing machine for your home.

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What is a Smart Washing Machine?

   When a washing machine can be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi and you can operate it with your smartphone using an app, or with the voice command using Alexa or Google Assistant, then you can call it a smart washing machine.

     A smart washing machine not only washes your clothes but also helps to maintain the proper balance of proper cloth-based washing powder, water level, washing time, separating the clothes by their type for wash, and so on.

Best Features of Smart Washing Machine:

A smart washing machine has a lot of features that help to use it properly. Those features are-

1.Wifi Connectivity:

    A smart washing machine always has the connectivity that helps to connect the washing machine with your smartphone with the app, or in the internet connection. And you can control it through this wifi connection.

2.Voice Control:

    Voice control is another great feature that a smart washing machine has. It helps to connect with Alexa or Google Assistant and you can control your washing machine with the voice command.

3.Auto Dosing:

   It helps to mage the load on the washing machine and adjusts the amount of detergent according to the load. So it is also a great feature for a smart washing machine.


    According to the washing machine’s capacity, it can manage a load of water and clothes automatically. So if you used an 8kg,10kg,16kg you do not need to manage the water or clothing load manually, it will automatically adjust the load.

5.Auto program Selection:

 According to your cloth and its condition smart washing machine automatically program itself after filling in some simple details that you need to dry clean, steam wash, or other wash types.

6.Error Detecting:

   Some smart washing machine has error detecting program, so it can detect any error on it and automatically notify you or in the customer care service with the app.


    Smart washing machines have auto safety precautions. If the door is open then it will not connect with the water supply and the washing machine will not start.

8.Energy Usage:

   A smart washing machine has an energy usage set up so it can be tested how much energy it is using. And it can be an auto cut option also so when the process complete it will automatically shut.


    A Smart washing machine has full of sensors that help to manage the settings automatically through the app or manually also.


     Some smart washing machines have a memory feature so that they can remind your setting. So when you use to set it for washing it will notify you of the previous setting according to your cloth.

11.Others :

     There are more additional features and programs in the washing machine that you can manage with the voice control or using the app.

     So there are some features that a smart washing machine must-have. So check the feature for better p[erformance by your smart washing machine.

Some Smart Washing Machines that you can buy for your home:

There are so many companies that make smart washing machines like-LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and many others. So here we discussed some best smart washing machines that you can buy for your home.

Top 5 Best Smart Washing Machine for Home

1.LG 8KG Smart Washing Machine

Best smart washing machine for home

There is no doubt that LG is one of the most leading companies that making home appliances with great features and quality. LG’s smart washing machines also of the best quality with the latest smart think wifi technology. It can type the fabricks and clothes that are given for washed and manage the washing procedure that it needs a steam wash, or dry clean or any other.

   It has a capacity of 8Kg and it is an inverter drive and six motion-controlled smart technology washing machine that helps to ultra-clean the cloth with every rotation. It has an inbuilt heater system that removes allergic particles like dust and so on from the cloth. The turbo brush system saves water and time and cleans the cloth with low detergent.

    With the waterproof touch panel, stainless steel drum, child lock capacity, and glossy color it has a good smart diagnosing system through the app. So with all the features, it is a good one by the LG.

2.Samsung QuicDrive

   This is another good company that makes good quality smart washing machines with the latest smart technology. In this washing machine, there is a quick drive system that helps to reduce the washing time by 50percent, so you can easily wash your cloth within the time.

   It has also all the smart control technology with the wifi, voice control, and smartphone app. By using the app, you can easily maintain all the settings and can adjust the washing machine for the proper washing. It has an inbuilt heater that helps to remove the dust and all allergic particles from the cloth. It can also maintain the time and water supply according to the cloth and the washing procedure of the cloth.

   With a good-looking design and attractive color, it is also another choice for a smart washing machine that you can buy.

3.Whirpool FSCR12441

   Whirpool leads the washing machine market for a long time. This is one of the best washing machines by the whirlpool with a large drum that can contain lots of clothes for washing. It has also the companies 6th sense technology that helps to sensor the washing technology properly. The adjusting cycle setting washes the cloth properly and saves time, water, and energy also.

   It is a fully smart controlled set up with the wifi and voice control technology. So you can easily control it through voice command, and also the smartphone app will help you to mage the setting. Sensors help to maintain the washing procedure according to the clothes. The touch panel also helps to manage it manually. The fresh care program option can be switching the drum to tumble to keep clothes dry and fresh rather than sitting wet on the drum when you are not using it.

    So with an auto memory system that helps to remind it which cloth you put and how to wash it, it is a good choice of smart washing machine also in the design and color.

4.Candy Rapido Washer

    It is also a good choice for a smart washing machine with its rapid washing technology. This washing machine helps to wash clothes in less than one hour with fully loaded.

   This washing machine also fully auto controlled with the latest wifi technology and voice control option, so you can easily operate it with the smartphone app, and also with the Alexa and Google Assistant. You can also take pictures of the loaded machine using the app so you use it for further use for tips.

   So with all the automated function and great rapid fast washing technology and with great look and color, it is also the best choice of smart washing machine for home.

5.Bosch Serie 8 WAW32450GB

  This washing machine is also another good quality smart washing machine with an anti-allergic system inbuilt that helps to remove all allergic particles from the fabric and make it healthier for the skin.

It has also a fully smart control feature with the wifi and voice control technology. So you can easily control it through the smartphone app or using Alexa and Google Assistant. In this washing machine, there is a VarioPerfect feature that gives an option to the user to choose between washing clothes quickly or being eco-friendly. Selecting the fast washing option speed up your washing 60 percent faster and consumes more energy when an eco-friendly option speed down your washing 3000percent less nut it consumes less energy also and saves energy and water both, so the choice is yours.

So with this great eco-friendly feature and with a good design and color, it is also the best smart washing machine that you can buy for your home.

List of Best Smart Washing Machine for Home One Amazon

 Quick Buyer guide

  • Buy from the authorized dealer.
  • Wi-Fi must available on a smart washing machine.
  • Install by the professional and authorized person.
  • Do not connect with loose wires and if the voltage fluctuates then must use the stabilizer.
  • Buy according to your requirement in load capacity.
  • Always follow the customer review and rating.


So now you can understand all the features of a smart washing machine that will make a perfect washing machine and you also know the best washing machines available in the market and how can you choose the perfect one for you by seeing the buyers guide, so let’s buy one best smart washing machine for home and make your home smarter.

Thank You.

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