Best DSLR Camera Under 1 lakh

Hi, there my name is Debangshu and this article is about some of the Best DSLR Camera Under 1 lakh. 1 lakh is a big amount and you will try to spend it to buy the right thing. Finding a camera that meets all your needs is not an easy task, but I am trying […]

Best DSLR Camera Under 40000

Do you do photography or are you thinking of doing it? You want to start with a budget friendly camera. You want to capture beautiful moments with the camera. I will share with you my experience with some of the special cameras I have seen. Finding a good DSLR camera out of 40,000 is not […]

Best HD quality spy camera for home and personal

In this article we will talk about some of the best spy camera for home Though spying on someone or something is a criminal offense without any legal permission, but if you feel any security issue from this thing or the person then you can spy on them. For that, you don’t have to be a […]

Best Starter Kit For Youtube 2021

If you have opened or want to open a YouTube channel then this article is for you. In this article, I will talk about the Starter kit for youtube. If you want to start with the budget-friendly or professional youtube gear. We Talk about every Essential Gear like Cameras, Audio, Lights, Softwares. Best Starter kit […]

Best Controller For Mobile Gaming

Top 3 Best Controller For Mobile Gaming

Today I will talk about some of the best controller for mobile gaming. Mobile gaming has grown a lot over time. The mobile game industry will reach $3 billion by 2023. Currently shooting games in the mobile gaming industry are dominating PUBG, Free Fire, Call Of Duty Mobile, they are so popular that they are […]

Best microphones for YouTubers 2021

As we all know that Youtube is one of the best popular online video platforms, so everyone wants to connect with this platform by making videos as per their talent. To make a proper video you also need to focus on good quality audio. So with a good camera, you also need a good microphone […]

Best Drones for photography

A good drone can enhance your photography experience a lot. One of the best photography drones you need to have is a good quality camera, easy control, user-friendly interface, and more. Today I will talk about it in detail in some of the Best Drones For Photography. Top 3 Best Drones For Photography 1. DJI […]

Best Budget GPU for mining Ethereum

Crypto mining has become a new trend now when the Bitcoin price has skyrocketed. It has been seen in India. The market is as suitable for mining Most of the graphics cards are out of stock and the ones that are there are skyrocketing in price. This is because of high demand but low supply. […]

Data Analysis Real world use-cases- Hands on Python – Udemy Free Course

Created by Shan Singh What you’ll learnGet a job as a data Analyst on an average $156,000 after showcase these Projects on your Resume By the end of this course you will understand the inner workings of the data analytics pipeline – joining,manipulating, filtering, extracting data ,Analysing Data Description This is the first course that gives […]


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