Create A love calculator with python is not a dificult task.

I have explained everything in this article by flow chart so that you do not have any difficulty in understanding and you can make your own love calculator with Python or any other programming language.

Flow Chart

Now we need to call the letter of your name to match the letter of love versus the score will be counted.

Well Lets understand with an example lets take name1 as John and name2 as Jenny.

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Combine = name1 + name2

Now L O V E and T R U E if any of these Characters are present in your name then you got point for each character like John to have O in his name so he Got 1 Point and Jenny have E in this character so his name got 1 then we combined both of their names and store their value in a Variable Like This

Combine = name1 + name2

name1 = input("What Is Your Name? \n")
name2 = input("What Is Your Partners Name?\n")

Combine = name1 + name2
# we need Convert Capital letter to Lower Case its Important

Lower_case = Combine.lower()

#Then We find How Many Letter are 
l = Lower_case.count("l")

o = Lower_case.count("o")

v = Lower_case.count("v")

e = Lower_case.count("e")

love = l+o+v+e

t = Lower_case.count("l")

r = Lower_case.count("o")

u = Lower_case.count("v")

e = Lower_case.count("e")

true = t+r+u+e

score = int(str(love) + str(true))

if (score>1) and (score <50):
    print(f"Your Score:{score} You are Alright Together")

elif (score >= 50):
    print(f"Your Score:{score} Are Made for Each Other")

    print("Wrong input")

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