Gaming Pc Build

Hi, Guys Welcome to our website. This article about the Gaming PC Build Guide. Well, there are many varieties of Gaming PC is available on the Market.

So how you chose the perfect PC for yourself well there are many things you need to remind before you build your gaming PC first need what kind of gaming you want to play like you want to play All Modern Title Games

Like the call of Duty ColdWar, Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal, etc you also want to play on 1080p or 4K with Decent FPS then you need a high Range Gaming  PC. So you can see there many things Matter what kind of gaming you want to do.

Let us take an example  I want to play Call of Duty Warzoe and also its capable of run future games On 1080p with 144FPS.

The first CPU I will Go with AMD Ryzen 7 3700X it’s an 8 Core and 16 Threads Processor with a Clock Speed up to 4.4Ghz.

For Motherboard, We will Go with MSI B450M PRO-VDH-MAX This Motherboard Support  1st, 2nd,3rd Gen AMD Processors It also has Nvme SSD.

For RAM i will go with G.SKILL 2*8GB DDR4 3200 Mhz RAM.

Note: I use 2 8gb Stick you can use 1 16 GB stick also.

Now for secondary Storage, we use Crucial 256 GB SSD For OS and Software and WD 1TB HDD for storing games and movies.

For GPU I use GTX 1660 OC 6GB Graphics Card.

And for the Power supply, I use Corsair TX650M 650W. Now We need a gaming Monitor and we use LG UltraGear  24inch Gaming Monitor it supports 144FPS Gaming on 1080P.

Build a Gaming pc, not a Difficult Work you first you need to a lot of research Like read articles, watching Youtube Videos, Search components Online Etc.

Gaming Pc Build

Gaming PC Build Guide Tips

1. Use SSD its Maximize you pc Proccesing Speed.

2. Use Powerfull Gold or Platinum Certified PSU for Clean electricity.

3. Chose Perfect Pair of Processor and GPU. if You Bought a powerful GPU but If your Cpu is not enough  Powerfull to provide resources to your GPU then you can’t get full performance from your GPU.


  1. What is Gaming PC?

Any PC Who are capable of Gaming are Gaming PC.

2. What Should we Use SSD or HDD?

In My opinion, you should use SSD first then if Your budget allows you can Buy HDD also.


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