So I really like the RTX 2080 Tis, but I also like keeping both of my kidneys in my body, so Nvidia has released their Gtx 1660 Super recently, and we are going to keep this quick so I am not going to bore you with my thoughts about their lineup, but essentially, this card is in a price range that is reachable for most people who want a great gaming experience at full HD, but we’ll also test it at 1440presolution.

We have the MSI Gaming X version of this card today, so let’s see how it performs, MSI GamingX GTX 1660 Super Review! So unboxing the card is a pretty straight forward experience, you get some user guides, and this installation guide was lucky the dragon explains how to install the card, and he also explains how to use afterburner which is something you’d expect to be too advanced for a dragon.

Then you of course have the card itself, and let’s take a closer look at this. So this is how the card looks like, and I have really liked the Gaming X series from MSI for a long time, I think that this is amongst the best looking GPUs, and it’s also great to see that we still have the same premium design of their flagship cards scaled down on this card. You have this really nice backplate on this card, and every design element just fits really well with each other on this card.


At back we have a pretty standard layout with3 DisplayPorts and an HDMI port, the only thing missing in comparison to 2080 There is a USB type C port that can actually be used for connecting pen drives and other USB peripherals too. So now let’s install it on my PC.

I do have a 9900K PC somewhere in the house, but that isn’t in a working state currently, so we are going to use this 3900X PC, and the difference in gaming performance is around 6% between these two CPUs, but on the gtx1660 Super we are really not going to face any bottlenecks because of this, and people buying these cards will most probably pair this with something like a Ryzen 5 3600. Here is a specification comparison, and I am not going to spend much time on this,

so the most important change between this and the regular GTX 1660 is that we have much faster memory on the Super version, and that actually makes a lot of difference that you will soon see. The boost clock is higher on the card we have as it is an MSI overclocked version.

We also have NVENC support on the gtx 1660 Super, which will let you encode videos without stressing your GPU performance, which is really great for streamers and even professionals who may use this for rendering videos. We are going to be testing this on high settings for most games, as ultra settings are generally butchered the GPU performance unreasonable for marginal improvements in visual quality.

borderlands 3

We get an average of 65 FPS on Full HD, and this is a game that is very taxing on GPUs without providing a justifiable visual quality. At 1440p, we get around 45 FPS, and you should be able to get 50 to 60FPS here if you tune a few things like Volumetric Fog which are very resource-intensive. Devil May Cry 5 is a very optimized game unlikeBorderlands 3, so it’s really great to have 118 FPS on Full HD, and even on 1440p we can have great performance at over 90 FPS, and this should be able to handle 60FPSon ultra preset too.

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Metro Exodus is another visually taxing game, but we don’t have RTX enabled, as this is a GTX card, but at this point, there are very few games that utilize Ray Tracing, and a budget card won’t be able to perform well with it anyways.

Assassin’s creed odyssey averages 65 fps with its very high preset, which is great to see, and at 1440p we almost hit 50 fps, which isn’t surprising, as it is not a title that’s easy to handle On QHD resolution we almost reach 60 FPS, but we also kept Hairworks disabled on both of these tests which is a surprisingly taxing feature.



Project cars 2 is another well-optimized game, and we get over 110 FPS on Full HD, and even on UHD, we get a great gaming experience at 87 FPS. Rage 2 has been one of the few titles that have thoroughly enjoyed recently, and it also performs very well at 1080p with 81 average fps, and even on 1440p it performs well, and you should be able to hit 60fps with some tweaking.

gtx 1660

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Lastly, we test the Rainbow Six Siege on Ultra settings, and you can easily have guaranteed 144 FPS on Full HD. If you get a high refresh monitor, with the average FPS hitting up to 180 FPS. This is a title you can actually play at 4K, as you also get an amazing 127 FPS on 1440p.

So in conclusion, for a price tag of around20,000 Rs, the gtx 1660 seems like a really great choice for Full HD gaming, and at the very high settings, we were also able to get great results at 1440p in most of the games we tested, and only Borderlands 3 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey were not able to manage a 60fpsaverage at 1440p, but these are some of the most graphically intensive games at the moment.

This card is of course really amazing for esports gaming, you should be able to push 4K resolutions in the esports titles, and this will just make a good quality gaming experience accessible to a lot of people. The MSI card we tested specifically also performed really well,

this is a sustained load of 1 hour on this card, and this stayed at 65 degrees while maintaining its boost clock, and the fans were also barely audible when it was at full load, so that’s really great.

And coming to power consumption, the total system power draw was at around 200 watts on full load, which I think is also a great result. The Gaming X card also looks really great and premium and it is a really great choice if you’re looking to buy a gtx 1660 Super.

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gtx 1660
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