Modern science has introduced us to many new technologies. One of them is 3D printing. For 3D printing, we use 3D printers. Today we will see how 3D printers can affect our lives. Before that, I tell you the usage of a 3D printer.

From the name of the 3D printer, it is understood that it is used to create 3D objects. You can print a Small Model or big House with a 3d printer.

Yes, I am not joking many countries have started using the 3D printer for Build houses. It is cheaper, durable, and takes less time to make. I gave some pictures of the 3D print house.

Let’s see how 3D printers can play an important role in medical science. I will talk about some special points

  1. Create Parts of Medical Instruments.
  2. Replicas of Human and Animal Body Parts.
  3. Rapid Production of Safety Kits.

3D Printers Can Help Create Parts of Medical Instruments

During this pandemic, a hospital in Italy had some ventilator valves damaged and 10 patients risked their lives due to lack of stock at the hospital.

Then the doctor approached the editor of a local newspaper and he approached one of their physicists and 3D experts and they made the design of 3D valves together.

A local businessman came to the hospital with his 3D printer and in a short time, they printed the valves and 3D and saved the lives of those 10 corona patients.

3d printers

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the Other Story I want to tell about a man who creates a 3D printed Hand for his Son I Share Some of his Pictures.

3d Printers
Image Source From
3d Printers
Image Source From

Replicas of Human and Animal Body Parts

3D printing makes it easy to make replicas of human and animal body parts. This replica will prove to be very beneficial for everyone having Doctors and Medical Fields.

For example, a doctor can perform a critical operation on a 3D printed dummy before performing a critical operation, which will build the doctor’s confidence and reduce the chances of making a mistake.

Apart from that, the 3D print model will help the medical student to understand it better.

Rapid Production of Safety Kits

During the pandemic, the demand for safety kit masks and face shields suddenly increased. And some people tried to meet this demand with the help of 3D printers.

Many people in different parts of the world started making masks, face shields, PPE kits made by 3D printers. I shared some pictures of them.

3d printers
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I hope you like our post. Feel free to share your thoughts How 3D Printers Can Help us?

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