Install python is easy to process. For installing Python on Windows 10 without getting any error you need follow my instruction step by step

Step 1

You need to download the right version of python. Python have mainly two versions first 2.0 and the other one 3.0 there are almost the same. You can run 2.0 code on 3.0 but there is the possibility of getting an Error.

To download their latest Version we Need to Visit their Site or you can Google “Python Download “

After Open the Site You See Something Like this

python on Windows 10

Then You Need the To Location Download the Button but Before Download you need to make sure that you Download Windows Version and You can do that by Click On Windows.

After Click On windows You See Something Like This

Note: Microsoft Windows 10 have two varaities 32bit and 64bit

If you Have 64 Bit You can go with Download Windows x86-64 executable installer. and if you have 32bit then go with Download Windows x86 executable installer

In case You what version You have then go with 32Bit version. In my case I have 64 Bit Version so i go with 64 Bit Version

Python On windows 10
Python On Windows 10

Now Step 1 completed

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Step 2

Run The Downloaded File

Check Install Launcher for All users(recommended) and Add Python 3.9 To Path

python on Windows 10

Now your python Setup was Successful.

To make sure Click on windows start and Type IDLE

If you See something Like this Then Installing Python on Windows 10 has been Completed.

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