If you are a professional photographer or photography is your hobby then take it also as a profession. Nowadays when everyone wants to look pretty in the photo then you have the opportunity to earn money by showing your expertise in photography. If you have just a hobby in photography though you can also earn money by selling photos online.

           So now let’s take the camera on hand and click good quality pictures and upload it online so the client can see your picture and if they buy it then you can get a percent as commission and that’s how you can earn more from photography.

Where to upload or sell the photo:

There are so many websites where you can sell your photos. You must need to follow the terms and conditions of the websites to sell a photo without this your photos can be canceled. So here are some website lists where you can sell your photo and earn.

Top 5 Platfrom To Selling Photos Online

1.Adobe Stock

Selling Photos Online
Image Source From Adobe Site

    As adobe is the best site for designing software so their Adobe Stock is also good for selling photos online. You need to create an account on the website and upload your photo according to their criteria. If your photo passed the criteria and it sold out then you can get up to 33%  commission on the price.

2.Shutter Stock

Image Source From Shutterstock

    Shutter Stock is another website for earning by selling photos. If you are a beginner then it is good for you because it has not lot of criteria and you can also earn 20% to 30% on your photo price. And there is another affiliated program where if you refer another photographer to join here then you can also earn from it.

3.Getty Images

Selling Photos Online
Image Source From Getty Images

    It is another good site for selling your photo but you need to more professional and your photos must e exclusive for this site as all the big brands looking for photos here for their campaign. But the percentage is not so high only up to 20% but if your photos are exclusive the more sell can generate more earning.


Image source From Getty Images

  istock is owned by Getty Images for beginners. Here you can earn up to 20%-45% on exclusive or non-exclusive photos. iStock well Known and trusted company for Selling photos online


Selling Photos Online
Image Source From Fotolia

   Fotolia is another company for stock photos where you can sell your photos. It is owned by Adobe. It has two different termes for users: Pay-As-You-Go ad Subscription package. Where Pay-As-You-Go ca earn up to 20%-63% of the commission and the subscription pack has only up to 33% of the commission but with the guarantee that they can not be suspended.

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    There are so many other Selling Photos Online Websites like- 500px, Stocksy, Can Stock Photo, Free DigitalPhotos.net, PhotoDune, Alamy, Dreamstime, GL Stock Images, EyeEm, Image Vortex, and so many others. All these websites are also best for selling online photos and you can earn a lot of money by selling your photos on these websites. So go and check the terms and conditions and then sell your photo there and earn.

License and Copyright

License and Copyright are mostly needed that no one can steal your photo. So just remember to take the copyright of your photo and add license criteria that those who buy your photo for any purpose could not face any problem to use your photo for their brand or any other purpose where they want to use.

My Opinion

If you are passionate about your hobby of photography then just waste it on clicking photos, also earn from it, and turn your passion into a profitable business way. If you can click good pictures then you can also freelance your talent that you can hire for photography and can earn. So lets begin your journey as soon as possible.

Thank You.

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