Hey guys we are back again with the new Mi Band 5 Review. As we discussed Mi Band 4 in our previous Blog and told you that Mi Band 5 is launching soon. So Mi Band 5 is launched now and it also as good as Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5  has more extra features than Mi Band 4. There are Many Mi Band 5 reviews but we try to give you the detailed information in the simplest way.

So guys here our Mi Band 5 Review and Features and Specification.

Mi Band 5
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 Mi Band 5:

Mi Band 5 is the new fitness band introduced by Xiaomi which helps you to improve your daily workout like- walking, running, swimming, cycling, treadmill, maintain your healthcare and heart rate, and so on to make you fit for everyday work in the office and home. This Band has some more extra features as compared with Mi Band 4.

Launched Date:  It is launched in India on 29th September 2020. In other countries, it should be varied by their zone.

Price:  In India, it cost ₹ 2,499/-, within range for all category working people in an office or anywhere. The cost may vary from country to country.

Mi Band 5 Specification

  • Display: Large Dynamic 1.1″ screen with AMOLED color Display, Fully touched. 126*294 screen resolution with adjustable brightness.
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer 125 mAh Battery stands up to two weeks of Battery backup in normal mode and up to 3 weeks in power saving mode.
  • Band Quality: Band made by Thermoplastic polyurethane which provides Non-irritable band quality with adjustable length for any kind of wrist, and easily removable.
  • Length:  47.2×18.5×12.4 mm.
  • Weight: 11.9g.
  • Charging:  Magnetic charging point connector takes less than  2 hours to fully charged.
  • Sensors:   Mi Band 5 is fully loaded with sensors like- High precision three-axis gyroscope sensor, High precision three-axis acceleration sensor, PPG heart rate sensor. Those sensors help to monetize your body balance in working time and helps you to improve your fitness level.
  • Wireless Connectivity:  Mi Band 5 connects to the smartphone with Bluetooth 5.0 BLE version.
  • Ram:  512KB
  • Rom: 16 MB
  • System Requirement:  Android 5.0 and ios 10.0 and above.
  • Water Resistance: It’s fully water-resistant up to 5ATM which means 50 meters in the water depth of water up to 10minitues it can survive.
  • Model:  XMSH10HM.

Working Features:

  • By connecting your phone with the band using Bluetooth you can easily view any message and phone call notification on your band display without touching your phone.
  • Easily call rejection.
  • Find the device that helps you to find your phone with a vibrating alarm.
  • Unlock your mobile using Mi Band 5 (only supports MIUI ) and you can also mute your phone(All Smartphones).
  • Smart Volume and music controller helps to change the music and control volume at the working time.
  • Camera Control, Weather forecast, Time, Alarm all activity management.
  • Shows app notification from Facebook, WhatsApp, and so on apps helps to connect social media easily.
  • An event reminder helps to manage any meeting or date.
  • Heart rate monitor helps to monitor your heartbeat that helps to stay fit.
  • Sleep monitor helps to maintain deep sleep, light sleep, REM(Rapid Eye Movement).
  • Other activity trackers like- cycling, walking, running, treadmill helps to stay fit anywhere every day.
  • Personal Activity Intelligence(PAI) helps you to improve your personal health care, Calories burnt, and goal settings for your daily life.
  • Women’s healthcare activity is the new feature added in Mi Band 5 that helps to maintain the menstrual period and ovulation record reminder.
  • Mi Band 5 also monitor your stress and breathing exercise to help you stay fit and stress-free.
Mi Band % review


Overall Mi Band 5 is more features that help you to maintain your fitness and live a stress-free life every day everywhere that you can achieve your goal perfectly. And Mi Band 5 new and more updated features for Man and Woman are helpful for both genders to maintain their daily routine and it is very affordable also, So you(both Man and Woman) can easily buy and use it.

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