Hey guys we are back again with the new photo editing tricks. As before we discuss photo editing software for PC, hope you all like that and work with all those software properly. This time we are going to discuss some best photo editing apps for android smartphones.

In this generation, a lot of people using a smartphone and they capture photos and selfies anywhere and post it to social media. For this everyone wants to look better for more like and comment. So we get some best android apps for those who want to edit their photo instantly.

Top 5 Photo Editing apps For Android

photo editing apps for android
photo editing apps for android

1.Google Photos

Though Google Photos is a photo and video storage app it has an edit option that helps to edit your stored photo on it. You can use the edit feature of google photo’s where are so many filters and sliders that help to make your photo more beautiful and attractive.

2.Photo Lab

Photo Lab is also another app that helps to give an effect on your photo like-brush effect, shadow effect, brightness effect, and so on. It has overall 640 filters, frames, and effects that you can also use this to make your photo various look, like- painted photo, old look, various hairstyles, and eye effect, and many more. That means this is a good photo editing app with overall functions.

3.Pics Art

Pics Art is also another good android photo editing app but nowadays its quality is getting a little bit lower than any other app. But it has also a lot of filters, Brush, Text effect, Stickers ad Collages that are too good for editing your photo. By this, you can also make a collage of your photos.


 Snapseed is another photo editing app owned by Google. It has also a lot of filters and sliders that help to give a beautiful look to your photo. But this app is not updated from 2018, so suppose it should not lots of features probably.


Prisma is a fully artistic photo editor that converts your photo into a painted art that looks like a painter just draw the picture. It has also various filter and color, hue, and saturation adjustment that helps to make your photo look so beautiful and attractive.

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Others Photo editing apps for android

There is so many other photo editing app for android also like- Light X Photo Editor, Vimage, Photo Mate R3, Pixlr, TouchRetouch and so on you can find on Google Play Store. All these apps has also so many filters and photo editing apps for android effects that you can use to make your photo more attractive and beautiful instantly after capturing the photo and can post it to social media. There some apps are photo editing apps for android and as well available for IOS. If you are an iPhone user then make sure to check on the App Store.

My Opinion

You can use all these apps for the personal editing purpose to make a photo good-looking but if you want to be a professional photo editor the apps are not a good option for editing then you must need software. But overall you can use all these apps for your editing purpose fluently.

Let us Know which photo editing apps for android you like .

Thank You.

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