Pubg Mobile 1.0 update has arrived on 8th September. The update comes with Erangle 2.0, Cheer Park 2.0 new weapons, and many more.

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Update size

Pubg mobile 1.0 size on Android 1.5GB and 1GB on IOS mobile.


You can update your game from Google Play Store and App Store

Players who update their game between 8th to 13th  September 

will receive 2888BP, 100AG, And RED Racecar knight Backpack for 

3 Day.

Pubg Mobile Update Details

  • New Classic Mode Erangel 2.0
  • New Gun(M1014) add On Livik
  • Payload Mode 2.0
  • Cheer Park Traning Ground Update
  • Island In the Cheer Park
  • Halloween Infection Mode available from 23rd October 
  • Graphics  Quality Update
Pubg mobile Update

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