VPN stand For Virtual Private Network

We pick Some of the Best VPN of 2021 but before that lets a little know about VPN. When you connect to public wifi to check email, Facebook, or just do a Google search, and when you use public wifi to do this stuff. a hacker can access your smartphone or computer and steal your sensitive information such as password, username, banking credentials. And here you use a VPN or virtual private networks to creates a private network between your device and the Internet so that the hacker fails to access your device and you can safely surf the Internet.

Best VPN
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Top 5 Best VPN of 2021

1. Express VPN

Express VPN is One of the Most Popular and reputed companies that provide up to 164 VPN server locations and 94 Countries. It’s a Pretty expensive VPN service but that worth it. It’s available for Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, Chrome Extension, Firefox extension, edge Extension. Company Gives you 24/7 Support. Its packages of 1 month, 6 Months, 12 Months.

2. Nord VPN

Nord Vpn is another Popular VPN company it has more than 5500 VPN servers around the world. It’s less expensive than other Vpn but that does not mean that it gives poor performance. It’s One of the fastest VPN among them. If you bought their 2 Year package its cost only 3 to 4 Dollar per month only. there are other plans for 1 Year and 1 month as well. It’s available for Android, Windows, Mac, IOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox.

3. Proton VPN

I personally use Proton VPN and it’s one the best Free VPN I ever used. It also has a Paid version as well. I like this VPN Speed and features. Like Kill switch, this will save your EP if your internet is disconnected for any reason. It’s a Switzerland Based company so your private data are strongly protected under Swiss Privacy Law. In My personal opinion its best vpn i have ever used.

4. Hotspot Sheild VPN

Hotspot Shield one of the Best VPN I ever used its also first Vpn i
use and my experience its pretty Good. Its have 3 Plans
Free, Premium, Premium Family

Free Plan have many restriction like you can only use 1 device at
a time, Speed upto 2 Mbps, its has Daily limits of 500MB.

Premium plan give upto 1Gbps speed you can use 5 Device at a Time. Its also Optimized for Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Disney plus Hotstar and other OTT platfrom. It has Unlimited data limit and Over 115 Location 80+ Countries

Premium Family Plan also gives you 1Gbps Speed you connect 25 Device at a time and other features are almost same.

5. Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is well known VPN company. You can connect as many devices as you want. Its also have Kill Switch, Leak Protection, Camoflage Mode, Strict No-log Policy etc. Etc. Surfshark Pretty good vpn for streaming on OTT platfroms. Its available for Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome Etc

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Note: this Best VPN article Based on our experience and on research.

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