Finding A good quality Wireless charger For Smartphones not tough work. We are here to help you to choose the perfect Wireless Charger For your Smartphones

 If you are using a smartphone of Android or IOS then battery charging is a big issue you suppose to be faced anywhere. If you are going somewhere where the battery charging facility is not available then you could face a big problem. To make the solution to this problem today we take an extraordinary gadget for you that is a wireless charger that you can use anywhere to charge your phone without any type of USB charger cable or type-C charger cable connection.

What is a wireless charger?

The wireless charger is a technology that was invented nearly around the 19th century when Nicola tesla working on wireless electricity technology. But at that time lack of good technology or hardware, it cannot be used properly, but now at present time, there are so many wireless chargers available in the market for smartphones, laptops, cars, and also home appliances.

You need to charge the wireless charger first and it can store the power, and when you need to charge your device or smartphone then just put it on the wireless charger and your phone started to charge no charging cable needed.

How does wireless charger works?

As it is an electronic device it contains an electric coil inside it, which is the main part of this charger. When you use to charge your device using it the copper coil creates a magnetic field and it generates the power that charges our device. It is like a pad where you need to put your smartphone and your phone started to charge. The wireless charger works with the capacitance that loops your power source and creates a magnetic field around it so you can charge it from some distance also.

There are some different kinds of the charger also available on this basis of the loop. The charging pad uses an electromagnetic base which you need to use to charge on the surface, the bowl type charger is used a radiative electromagnetic charger which you can use for charging within a few centimeters, and there are uncoupled radio frequency wireless charging that allows you to charge many feet away.

Why we need a wireless charger?

If we are on an outing or tour and if there is not any proper management for power option then you can easily use it. In the home, if your plug point is to away from your reach or your bedside then you can easily use it for charging your smartphone. In the time of watching a movie or video or listening to music if your phone’s battery going down then you can easily use it as a charger and as a stand also if there is any stand in your charger,

so buy the best charger with stand connectivity that you can easily use for multiple purposes. And you can also use it for many other purposes charging when you are so busy or power failure and so on, so the wireless charger is the most valuable thing we must need.

Best wireless charger for Smartphones

When it comes to the smartphone wireless charger then there are so many options that you can buy and use for your smartphone charging purpose. You can choose according to your budget but there is all are good in quality. Some of these are-

1. Google Pixel Stand

wireless Charger for Smartphones
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This a good wireless charger for smartphones and mostly for google pixel phones. It has a good battery backup with 11W of power consumption. With a big dimension, it can set Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 4, Google Pixel 4XL, Google Pixel 3XL. With the stand, you can get the google communicative technology which turns your phone into a smart display,

so when you are charging your phone you can see your image from google photos, you can communicate with google home, you can check the weather notification and the stand also notify you about the social media messages. It has also a sleep mode option so when you are sleeping it stops showing a notification. Though it is too pricey with google’s technology it is a good one.

2. Anker Powerwave Charger

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Anker one the most Budget-friendly Wireless Charger for Smartphones. It is an extra internal overheating cooling fan in builds that can reduce your phone from heating at the time of charging. With its basic design, you can normally use it for Android and IOS also. It provides up to 10Watts of power depends on your device. IT has an indicator led light that red light indicates you about charging your device and a green light indicates you about complete charging. You can get up to 18 months of warranty with it.

3. Native Union Dock Wireless Charger

Wireless charger for Smartphones
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This is another good quality wireless charger with an inbuilt thermal cooling system. This comes with various color options so you can easily buy it as your choice. It is a stand type charger with a long cable and with long battery backup. You can use your face lockup system with the standing charging mode. It has an inbuilt sleep notification mode so when you are in sleep it never shows any notification.

4. OtterBox Otterspot Wireless Charger

This is the good quality charger developed by Otterspot company who makes more other accessories for the phone and any other devices. It gives up to 10watts of charging power for your Android and IOS device. And it has also a battery of 5000 mAh that you can use wit without the cable connection. It has both USB-A, USB-C type cable connection option that helps you to charge both types of phones.

5. Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charger for Smartphones
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 If you want multiple devices like a smartphone or your iPhone, Smartwatch to accordingly at the same time then it is a good option for you. With the multiple device charging capability it has a god power backup function that helps you to charge more devices. But it has some problem also that you can’ charge fast with the multiple connections so it is a big negative point. Otherwise, it is a good option for charging with up to 7.5 watts of power capability.

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6. Others

  There are so many other wireless chargers available in the market like-Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand, Logitech Powered 3-in-1 dock, Nanami Fast Wireless Charger, Choetech Dual Wireless Charger, and so on. So you can choose your best as per your budget and requirement.


So if you going to buy a wireless charger offline or online just remember to check the charging capability or speed with USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 it comes. Always remember that your phone should set there in any position that you can feel comfortable and it must be certified that there is no problem with the warranty in the future. It must be up to 7.5Watts of power capability that it can charge your phone easily and phone support is must be needed without this it just a toy.

         So before buying one must remember those points and take a good one for you and enjoy the journey of entertainment.

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