What is Youtube Vanced App?

Youtube Vanced App is a third-party client app for the most popular online video platform Youtube. It runs Youtube inside with some extra features that help the user to watch youtube videos without any disturbance.

vanced app

How does Youtube Vanced App work?

It also works as normal as another app, you just need to search it on Google Play Store and then download and install it and your app is ready for work.

Is there any security issue with Youtube Vanced App?

There is no security problem with that app as this the client app for Youtube so all the permissions you are giving to this app is all secure with google’s security. So you can easily use it without any hesitation.

Why we should use Youtube Vanced App?

For better performance from the youtube app with an add-free video and many more extra features in builds on it that helps the user to enjoy a good quality video performance without any disturbance. Ad for so many reasons that we are going to discuss in the feature section, for all those you must use Youtube Vanced App.


  • This app blocks all the add and gives you an add-free video performance that means there is no irritation of add in the middle of the video.
  • Its AMOLED black theme reduces eye stress ad also helpful for battery strain.
  • You can play the videos in the background(in the lock screen also) or in the picture(only with android v8.0 and above) which is its best among all the features that the normal Youtube app does not provide. 
  • It has also swipe control settings which allow you to adjust the brightness and volume like any other video player(VLC, MX Player) app.
  • The new auto-repeat feature allows you to enjoy the video or playing a song on the loop, which means you can repeat the song automatically if you enable that feature.

Technical Information:

  • License:  It is fully free so you cannot buy it just go to

                Google Play Store then download and install

               it and use it.

  • Last Update: 08.10.2020
  • Category:  Audio and Video player and downloader


  • Downloads:  Above 31m.
  • Language:  English.
  • Packege Name: com.vanced.android.youtube.

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As you can see all the features and functionalities of the Youtube Vanced App then you can understand that it is so powerful app for playing the video of the most popular online video platform YouTube. And for its best quality features and in background playing mode is too awesome that makes me fond of it so I am using it and I recommend you to must try it, then you will also be fond of it. So try it to enjoy the good quality video play without any disturbance.

Thank You.

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